How do I embed my web meeting room?

Every Drum team has the capability of embedding the guest room inside their chosen website. This allows you to reinforce your branded experience with your meeting guests and colleagues (those of which without a Drum account). In addition, embedding the web meeting provides you with ownership of your brand and meeting. Enjoy a video explainer here

The first step is to locate your unique HTML code. Navigate to your team overview which can be found under your user name in the top right of your dashboard.  


Scroll down your team overview and locate your embed code snippet button. This will expand a small text box. Within here you have your unique meeting code. Make sure you highlight all of the text within this box. Copy this text.

Now we need to visit your website. We have used Wordpress as an example, but the code works equally as well within any website content using HTML. You need to create a new page within your website and open up the HTML editor. Copy and paste your HTML text into your new page. For non CMS users, be sure to include your header and footer in this page. Create a page title which will reflect the purpose of your page. We have used ‘meetings’ as an example. Click save and copy the page URL.

Your HTML page

We need to return to your dashboard and tell Drum the page which you are going to be hosting your meetings on. Paste your meeting page URL within the text field below ‘guest meeting URL’.


Click ‘save changes’ on the bottom of your team page. Drum now knows which page you want your guests to visit when joining your meeting. Why not run a dummy meeting to make sure guests can join. If you get stuck, just use our website contact form!


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